Battle of Shelf Space

Been a while, how’ve YOU been? I’m the worst at blogging, I know. Moving on.

So, I’m currently battling a problem that is likely familiar to my fellow book-loving friends: the Battle of Shelf Space. Ugh. If I had a Beauty and the Beast library (or that library from Game of Thrones on Sunday–YOWZA!), I would keep every book ever, because I am totally a sentimental hoarder. Unfortunately, even after moving to a house with more space, I still have too many books. But how do I whittle down? Do I just give in and buy more shelves? We don’t really have the space for more shelves. Do I store some away until I can make more space? But then what’s the point of keeping them?

I’m not really a re-reader, but I like having books around. They feel like memories to me. And I like being able to push them on my friends and family. I like the idea of my kid (soon to be kidS) growing up around lots of books–I grew up with only a couple weird Bibles, an Encyclopedia Brittanica set, and a Dictionary that I used to read for fun. We used the library for any other books. But on the other hand, I do know my favorite books could find new homes with other readers and it might be nice to spread the joy and simultaneously de-clutter our office.

My instinct is to maybe create a cap on how many books I keep. Anything over the cap has to go. But honestly, I don’t know the right answer. How do you control your book piles? Are they cluttering your house in unsafe towers that promise to bury unsuspecting toddlers at the slightest provocation? Are they given away as soon as they’re read? Or you know, something in between?

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