2016 Resolutions

light-person-woman-fireFor 2015, instead of a resolution, I chose focus words. It worked for me, because I was so unfocused. I felt like the embodiment of Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot–miniscule and impotent in the face of the wide open universe.

But so far, 2016 looks slightly less intimidating, so I’m going to make a list of some more solid goals this year.

1. Be healthier by the end of the year. I don’t want to put any numerical parameters on what this will look like for me, because there are certain mitigating factors that might come into play. So I think, overall, my goal here is to be happy with how I treated my body in 2016. Particularly, I want to move my body more, find a way to get around my son’s objections to gym child care so I can do yoga, and eat more meals at home.

2. Write at least two manuscripts. I currently have one mostly written that needs a MAJOR re-write (like, basically from scratch), and one draft that is about 40% written.

3. Read 50 books. I was only two books shy of that this year, so this seems doable!

4. Go on a trip out of state.

5. Volunteer with Jack. I signed up for a local service that provides rides for seniors, so that’s my plan for now. We’re going on our first trial run in January, and I’m hoping my son will be chill enough for this to work out. If he’s too much of a handful and annoying for the clients, we might have to find a different volunteering opportunity.

6. Take an online class. Graphic design? Excel?

7. Sign-up for music lessons, or take lessons via YouTube. I’ve always wanted to learn guitar, and I used to play violin in school, so I’d like to work on either this year.

8. Learn French. So, this is something I already started doing via Duolingo, because I was planning a summer trip to Paris with one of my besties. Circumstances have indefinitely postponed our trip, though, and I have fallen completely off the French-learning wagon. Time to get back on, whether we’re going to Paris this year or not!

9. Go to three plays. I love theater and I need to make more time for it.

10. Dress up and go to a fancy local restaurant.

11. Take over my husband’s wood burner and try to burn something (preferably wood and not any parts of myself).

12. Learn to cross-stitch.

13. Grow veggies or herbs on my balcony this summer.

14. Go to some kind of live sporting event (hockey?).

15. Take several vacations from electronics.

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