RSW Update #5

RSW2Ready. Set. Write! is a summer writing intensive–more info here. For the next few months, I’ll be posting updates every Monday on my progress and weekly goals. Feel free to join the fun! 🙂

1.  How I did on last week’s goals. Write 3,500 words? Um. No. But I did get about 1,500. And I finished PS I LOVE YOU (which I really enjoyed, and TMI, I totally dreamed about meeting John Ambrose McClaren at a party last night, lol). I also went to 2 yoga classes (though the second one I got called out of after 30 mins because my son wouldn’t stop crying :(). All in all, I feel good about my week, overall.

2.  My goal(s) for this week. 3,500 words. Yoga. Pick a new book to start–any suggestions?

3.  A favorite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised. 

She laughs. “My point is, I can’ t believe I jumped off a freaking cliff today. And it was all because of you.”

I laugh, too. “That’s what every guy wants to hear.”

4.  The biggest challenge I faced this week (ex. finding time to write). Well, my migraines have been getting somewhat less frequent, which is awesome! But I did get a few rejections last week, including one on a full manuscript request, so that was hard. On the positive side, the agent was pretty complimentary and gave me some great, useful feedback. Only last week that positive side was pretty hard for me to see.

5.  Something I love about my WiP. Forbidden romance! Love writing scenes where a kiss is oh so bad, yet oh so good.

How’d your week go? 

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  1. Stephanie Scott says:

    Forbidden romance! I like it when books make the romance super forbidden. I’m not great at that, so I appreciate it when that aspect is well done.

    I used to do a lot of yoga but I do more cardio stuff now. I’d like to get back in the habit of using my yoga DVDs at home since that’s something easy I can do here vs other classes I need to go to a gym for. Maybe you have motivated me to try that this week!

    • Crystal says:

      You should go for it! I need the structure of classes, usually, but my husband agreed to do some videos with me this week so maybe I’ll change my mind. Classes are not as great when I sit there stressing the whole time that my son will have a meltdown in the gym daycare, lol.

  2. Katy Upperman says:

    Forbidden romance? Sold. Also, your excerpt rocks. I’m so curious about what let to these characters cliff jumping. Best of luck with your goals in the coming week, Crystal!

  3. Tonja Drecker says:

    Forbidden romance sounds fun! Sorry about the rejections, but if they were nice enough to give advice, that’s got to mean something. Yay to the 1500 words…we don’t always have to meet the goals. Good luck this week!

  4. Emma Adams says:

    Sorry to hear about the rejections. It’s great that you got personalised feedback, though!

    That excerpt is awesome. Best of luck this week! 🙂

  5. Jaime Morrow says:

    Well, that’s too bad about the rejections, but I’m happy you got some useful feedback. It’s so nice when agents take the time to do that. Love your excerpt! And the “forbidden romance” thing. Totally my kind of romance. 🙂 Hope this a great week all around!

    • Crystal says:

      It really was kind of her to give feedback, and she even elaborated on it more when I asked her to clarify something. If I have to get rejected, that’s the kind of rejection I’d prefer, haha…

  6. Kitty Murry says:

    I love your excerpt! So cute. Happy to hear your migraines are getting to be less frequent. Crossing my fingers that they go away altogether! And forbidden romance? Yes, please!! Good luck this week!

    • Crystal says:

      I’m crossing my fingers, too! I may have found a couple of my triggers, or maybe the medicine is working better suddenly… who knows? But I’m glad they’re not every other day-ish right now. 🙂

  7. Jessica Leake says:

    Boo about those rejections! That really IS a good thing that the agent not only complimented you but also took the time to give you feedback (a very good sign!)–but it sure doesn’t lessen the sting when it first happens! Loved the lines you shared :). And I agree–forbidden love makes the best romance!

    • Crystal says:

      Querying really is scary, but it is what it is. Have you started the process? So far I’ve had a pretty good response request-wise, which is positive! I just try to celebrate every tiny happy thing that happens along the way so that the rejections don’t get me down. 🙂

  8. Carrie says:

    LOVE the excerpt – I want to know more about this cliff jumping! Forbidden romance is the absolute best 🙂 The rejections suck but good on you for putting yourself out there. Such a brave thing to do and you WILL succeed. Have a great week!

  9. Chuck Robertson says:

    It’s not always how m any words you write that count. It’s how many quality words you write that count. I’m now writing any new words at the moment. I’m editing a novel and hope to have it ready by the end of summer. Then it’s back to new writing.

  10. Eden Mabee says:

    Those are some pretty interesting lines, Crystal. It says a lot about both characters.

    Good to hear about the fewer migraines, but bleh on the rejections… though Yay! on the awesome feedback and … bummer on the wordcount.

    In all, a pretty balanced week. 🙂

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