Ready. Set. Write! 2015: Goal Setting

RSW2It’s that time of year again! Time to kick ass and write words! Too bad my brain is having some major malfunctions at the moment and I haven’t been able to be on the computer for very long. I think I’m becoming nearsighted? Maybe? Anyway, I’ve been getting ocular migraines whenever I spend too long in front of a screen or a book, my two favorite hobbies, so my goals will be a bit light this year until I can get my eyes figured out.

My main summer goal WAS going to be to finish the draft of my new story, THE VAGABONDS. However, I feel like this is not going to happen now that my computer time is stunted, so I will say I’d like to get some of it drafted.

So this week’s goal: Maybe 1,000 words? Not a lot, but my eyes are already hating me for logging on to write this post!

See you next week! 🙂

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  1. Carrie-Anne says:

    Good luck with your summer goals! Sometimes it’s more helpful to just aim to partially finish something, instead of putting pressure on ourselves to absolutely finish something we’re not sure we can finish in a set amount of time.

  2. Eve says:

    Oh no! I would say go to an eye doctor for sure and see what they recommend to resolve that issue. Until then, have you considered writing long hand, old school with pen and paper? Does that hurt your eyes? Good luck!

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks! I have an optometrist appointment this week. Hoping they can do something for me, or refer me to someone else who can. Migraines are more of a neuro issue, but can’t get into my neurologist until August… :-/

      Long hand is the same basic deal. Any close-up work is giving me problems right now. It’s the worst!

    • Crystal says:

      Thank you! 1000 words is usually a pretty good week for me, but I had SUCH DREAMS for how much writing I’d get done with RSW, haha… oh well!

  3. Eden Mabee says:

    Maybe you could adjust your screen settings somewhat, Crystal? Or set up a dictation program (Microsoft’s voice recognition isn’t all that bad with some training… Dragon Naturally Speaking is better, but you have to pay for it).

    Don’t force yourself to suffer through it. Find a way to make the computer work for you. AND go to an eye specialist.

    • Crystal says:

      I didn’t think about the dictation thing! Thanks for the idea! I might try that if I can’t get relief from the eye doctor. I know that I almost definitely need glasses, but I don’t know if that’s what’s causing all the migraines.

      I tried adjusting my screen up and down and all around, haha… I’m not sure what it is, really.

  4. Karyne Norton says:

    Oh no! I hope your eyes start working better for you! Last year in Rwanda I started getting terrible headaches with all the same activities and I had someone bring out a pair of the lowest prescription reading glasses. It made such a difference! When I got back to America I didn’t need them – I think it was a combination of the amount of time I spent on my computer out there plus the crappy lighting in all the rooms. If you don’t want to go to an optometrist, at least go to Walmart and try out a pair in the store. =)

  5. Carissa says:

    Ugh. I hear you about the ocular migraines. I don’t get them often anymore, but I used to and it’s just THE WORST if you want to, well, like do anything? Especially at a computer.

    I haven’t tried it yet, but have been considering experimenting with dictating parts of my story with speech-rec software like Dragon. I’ve heard it is actually quite amazing when it calibrates!

    • Crystal says:

      Not that I’m glad you get/got those migraines, but it’s always nice to find fellow sufferers to commiserate with! It’s such a hard thing to explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. It sucks not being able to do a lot, but mostly it freaks me out because now I have a kid, plus I watch my nieces after school. So, some days I have to take care of all three kids even though I can barely see them, haha… it’s scary! I did have a flare up of these a while back when I was on birth control, so I’m hoping that they’re hormone related from weaning my son over the winter and that that means they’ll eventually go back to 1/year again.

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