Book List 2015 – Update

Brief update on where I’m at with my reading challenge for the year!

1. A book with more than 500 pages

2. A classic romance

3. A book that became a movie

4. A book published this year – ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES by Jennifer Niven

5. A book with a number in the title

6. A book written by someone under 30

7. A book with nonhuman characters – HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY by Douglas Adams

8. A funny book – THE ROSIE PROJECT by Graeme Simsion

9. A book by a female author – BRIGHT COIN MOON by Kirsten Lopresti

10. A mystery or thriller

11. A book with a one-word title

12. A book of short stories

13. A book set in a different country – WISH YOU WERE ITALIAN by Kristin Rae

14. A nonfiction book

15. A popular author’s first book

16. A book from an author you love that you haven’t read yet – ATTACHMENTS by Rainbow Rowell

17. A book a friend recommended

18. A Pulitzer Prize-winning book

19. A book based on a true story

20. A book at the bottom of your to-read list

21. A book your mom loves

22. A book that scares you

23. A book more than 100 years old

24. A book based entirely on its cover – USES FOR BOYS by Erica Lorraine Scheidt (though the cover did NOT seem to match the story…)

25. A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t

26. A memoir – YES PLEASE by Amy Poehler

27. A book you can finish in a day – POISONED APPLES: POEMS FOR YOU, MY PRETTY by Christine Heppermann

28. A book with antonyms in the title

29. A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit

30. A book that came out the year you were born

31. A book with bad reviews

32. A trilogy

33. A book from your childhood

34. A book with a love triangle

35. A book set in the future

36. A book set in high school

37. A book with a color in the title

38. A book that made you cry – I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN by Jandy Nelson

39. A book with magic

40. A graphic novel

41. A book by an author you’ve never read before – RACING HEARTS by Laura Lascarso

42. A book you own but have never read

43. A book that takes place in your hometown

44. A book that was originally written in a different language

45. A book set during Christmas

46. A book written by an author with your same initials

47. A play

48. A banned book

49. A book based on or turned into a TV show

50. A book you started but never finished

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  1. Chuck Robertson says:

    I wish I could read a lot faster. There are so many books out there I’ll never live long enough to read the ones I want.

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