2015 Resolutions Update #1

I’ve decided to check in on my New Year resolutions a few times throughout 2015, just to keep me on track. It’s easy to forget the goals you set for yourself January 1st, but it sucks to swim in all that guilt on the next December 31st when you realize you haven’t done a single thing you wanted to that year. This year, I resolved not to disappoint myself. On the eve of 2016, I want to feel proud of what I’ve accomplished.

So, here’s how I’m doing. I chose focus words instead of resolutions this year, and here they are:

  • Peace – I’m trying my best with this one.  In general, I’m a very anxious person, but after weaning my son, all my anxiety problems absolutely BLEW UP. Like a delayed postpartum that I am still getting a grip on (and some days failing miserably). In January, I started attending yoga classes on a regular basis. I’ve done yoga in the past and enjoyed it, but I made a commitment to go at least six times a month, but preferably eight. The physical aspect is great, lord knows I need more exercise, but I mostly love working on quieting my mind and finding a meditative calm. It’s really hard for my mind to wander when I am so focused on holding a pose (and I am often very focused because I’m just not that good at any of them yet, haha). Also, I have experimented with supplementation, though I haven’t found anything too effective yet, and I made my first appointment to see a counselor which is a huge, scary step for me.
  • Courage – I’m not sure I’ve done anything particularly courageous this year so far, apart from really working hard on my anxiety, which is usually something I talk a lot about and never actually DO. I am planning to query my novel some time in May, and I am saving all my courage for that!
  • Diligence – I have worked hard on this one, too! I have wasted so many of my son’s naps by getting sucked into social media or some kind of internet time warp, but since January I have made a concerted effort to work on my novel as much as possible. I write/edit during naps and in the evenings, and I now have a completed manuscript that has been beta read multiple times and I am steadily working through revision notes. Not to mention going to yoga so much–that has taken a lot of diligence, too. Some things I could use a little more diligence on: finding educational games for my son and I to play together, finishing the Star Wars quilt I started for my husband, and cooking more meals at home.

How are you doing with your resolutions? Are you sticking to them?

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  1. Jennifer Pickrell says:

    I’m the same way with needing to quiet my mind – working out does it for me because I’m way to preoccupied to worry 🙂

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