2015 Reading Challenge

2014 was many things: amazing, beautiful, busy, heartbreaking, full of wonder, fulfilling and lonely. One thing it was not, however, was a great reading year. For me, anyway. Partly, I have been overwhelmed with life. On the other hand, I find myself sitting on the computer at nap time endlessly checking social media and reading inane news articles instead of writing. Then I write during my reading time. Then my reading time gets the shaft which makes me so so sad. My TBR list keeps filling up faster and faster and I can’t keep up.

So, remember my key words for 2015? This one falls under diligence. And I am always far more diligent when I have a list. I found this reading challenge on Pinterest and while it is a bit simplistic, it serves my purpose perfectly. Some of the books I read might qualify for more than one check box, but the important thing is that it will keep me focused and help remind me that no, I don’t need to know what my Facebook friends are doing every minute of the day. I need to allow myself to tune out and read. (Click on the picture to be taken to the Pop Sugar website where the list originated.)



Feel free to come along on my reading checklist adventure! 

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    • Crystal says:

      That’s awesome, so you’re doing it, too? I’d love to see what you read for each of the check boxes!

      Right now I’m checking off a memoir with Amy Poehler’s book YES PLEASE 🙂

  1. Chuck Robertson says:

    Readers and writers are presented with all kinds of challenges throughout the year. I don’t think you should be so hard on yourself. You’ll never meet them all.

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