Happy New Year!!!

Also, can I make a resolution for snow? I demand snow.

Also, can I make a resolution for snow? If it’s going to get below 30 degrees, I demand snow.

So, I took about a year off from blogging, which means I never followed up on my 2013 goals, and I never made any for 2014. Ball = dropped. (Get it? Like Times Square?)

2013 goals:

Read 100 books. LOL. I had a baby. How do you think this one went?

100 Days of Real Food Challenge. Yep! Even on a cross-country road trip. Even in Las Vegas. Quitting refined sugar was SO hard, but after a couple weeks I felt better. Until I got pregnant and all my body wanted was SUGARRRRR. It was the only craving I ever had. I seriously sat down and ate honey by the spoonful because it was the only thing sweet we had in the house. Needless to say, sugar addiction has been back in full swing ever since.

Attend a writing conference. I attended the SCBWI Pacific Northwest chapter’s annual conference. Hearing Mac Barnett and Sophie Blackall speak was amazing. I also attended a couple critique sessions–one was great for my writerly pride but offered little guidance, the other knocked me down 1,000 pegs and forced me to remember how subjective the whole industry really is. Overall, it was a lot of fun, though!

2014 goals:

Keep baby alive. Check.

Keep mama alive. Check.

2014 had ups and downs, but I achieved my only two goals with sanity to spare so I’d call it a success.

For 2015, I would like to choose a few inspiration words instead of goals. I will try to revisit these words throughout the year to remind myself how I’d like to feel.

Peace. Keeping anxieties at bay and being thankful for my crazy, beautiful life.

Courage. Putting myself out on a limb. Facing down fear.

Diligence. Working steadfastly toward achieving my goals. Carving out time to care for myself and others and to do the things I love.

Do you have any goals for the new year? What words would you choose to define 2015?



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  1. Karyne says:

    I LOVE 100 days of whole food! We’re doing baby steps, though. It was impossible to go 100% in Rwanda because what was available was all that was available. But we made small changes out there and every week I’m trying to make more small changes. I think it will go even better once we’re in our own house.

    • Crystal says:

      It’s fun but soooo hard. I really wish I hadn’t gotten back on the sugar wagon because I don’t know how I can force myself to quit it again. I have a massive sweet tooth. A lot of the changes we made have stuck so we are healthier than we were, but we aren’t 100% on it at all anymore. Maybe 60% now.

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