Thankful for: Books and Books and Books

download (1)Haha, this one might seem like a cop-out, and it is a little, but…

I am thankful for all the beautiful, fun picture books that have made my son OBSESSED with reading. Specifically, the Baby Lit series (Alice in Wonderland color primer and Jungle Book animal primer are his faves), Mo Willems, Llama Llama and Five Little Monkeys. His favorite word is “book!” Every morning, “book!” Before each nap, “book!” During play time, “book!” When I change his diaper, “book!” Before bed, “book!” We’ve built reading into his routine in so many places, but I know he wouldn’t love it so much if it weren’t for all the amazing books out there. I can’t wait until we get a house and we can build him a little reading nook so he can get cozy and snuggle with all his favorite books!

CassandraAusten-JaneAusten(c.1810)_hiresI am thankful for Jane Austen books. Or rather, thankful for my high school English teacher who put Pride and Prejudice in my grubby little paws and told me I’d love it. Austen certainly gave me high standards for romantic wooing, but a girl has to have standards. And my husband met them, so it wasn’t like they were impossible! I love how all her romances are both simple and epic, personal and universal. There is a reason they are adapted over and over. They are funny and relatable and magical.

I am thankful for the explosion of well-written YA. When I was a YA, I did not know this was a genre that existed–is YA a genre? More like a recommended age bracket, but you know what I mean. There were a few classics, but no one was showing me anything flashy or romantic or modern or fun. I think if this selection of YA books was available to me as a teen, I would’ve spent a lot less time watching movies and a lot more time reading.

What kind of books are you thankful for?

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