Thankful for: My Boobs

OK, weird one. I know. Maybe even TMI. But I am so proud of making it to one year of breastfeeding my son. You can stop reading now if I’ve made you uncomfortable. Go ahead. I won’t be mad.

Shall I go on? Right. We’ve starting the winding down process, getting him onto almond milk and coconut milk since he’s dairy intolerant, but it’s been a long, trying journey and I’m so glad I stayed the course.

Did I consider quitting? YES. Often in the beginning, much less after his tongue-tie correction, and even less as time wore on.

Did I think I’d make it this far? Not really. I made tiny goals. A few days. A week. A month. Three months. Six. Until things were so easy and natural that I never even thought about that emergency can of formula we hid on top of the fridge (just in case!).

Is it hard to stay dairy-free? YES!!! I don’t even realize sometimes that certain things have dairy in them. Did you know deli meat usually has dairy protein in it? I did not. I try my hardest, but dairy still slips into my diet, and it will be helpful once he’s off my milk so I can see the full dietary picture and make clearer decisions based on his reactions. Like, is he sick because of the lunch meat I ate yesterday or the beets we introduced a couple days ago or something else entirely?

Does he bite? YES. Still. He started at six months and every time a new tooth comes in he gnaws. It’s as delightful as it sounds, and nothing has worked to stop him.

But overall, it was a pleasant experience and I feel it brought us closer together. I’m ready to start our new chapter, though it is bittersweet. My baby doesn’t need me so desperately anymore. I always thought it was amazing how my body was able to nourish him as he grew from a poppy seed to a one year old, and now that sense of awe is going to be a nostalgic whisper instead of my daily life. I guess that’s how most great things go…

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