Thankful for: My Son!

Today, my son is ONE! A whole year old. That’s soooo old! On this day last year I met my baby boy for the first time and put an adorable face to the kicking in my belly. He was such a wily one in there–rarely stopped moving. He was always stretching out with his feet in my ribs and his head on my hip bone so that I felt like I was propped up from inside. It was the weirdest feeling.

My anxiety was sky-high during the birth, waiting for something to go wrong, but everything went perfectly right. Birth itself was totally surreal. Reality didn’t click into place until we left the hospital with him and got back to our house like… now what?

Now he’s walking. Talking. Feeds himself. And he is officially no longer a baby. Welcome to toddlerhood, Jack!



2014-11-11 19.30.20

2014-11-09 12.10.37



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