Thankful for: Air Condition/Heat and Water

file9851344474078I skipped yesterday on accident! I was so exhausted by the end of the day. Jack is back to waking up a bunch at night (he had been down to one wake-up but I think he’s been feeling yucky for the past few days), so I have been up and down all night and not getting quality sleep. But this isn’t a time for complaints! It’s a time for thankfulness!

So, this might be a weird two-in-one type deal, but I figured the two go together anyway. Basically, I’m thankful that I live where I live and have clean running water and a home where I can be safe from the elements. It’s something I don’t acknowledge enough. These are things we rarely consider luxurious, but take them away? Not fun.

The critical importance of air condition, in particular, came into focus when I lived in Seattle. It’s a rare apartment with A/C in Seattle, and both of our places did not have it. “We don’t need it!” they say. “It never gets warm enough to use it!” HA. HA. As a pregnant lady during the summer, I can attest that it is NEEDED. I had fans blowing on me at all hours of the day and it was still not enough. I often had to escape to a chain restaurant to get cool. This summer back in Richmond, I greeted my thermostat with a grateful nod every single day. It may have been hotter here than in Seattle, but I was much cooler.


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  1. Karyne says:

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. I can’t wait to get back to both in 9 days! Well, since I’m arriving in Arizona we’ll probably be in the sweet spot where we don’t need either one, but I’m so excited to have them available!

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