Thankful for: The Blogging Community

I am severely socially inept, even on the Internet. Like, I lurk on web forums without participating, I follow people on Twitter without ever talking to them, I read people’s blogs and never comment. It’s like I can’t turn off my anxiety, even when I’m essentially anonymous. So, while I don’t always throw myself into the YA writers blogging community with abandon, I love that it exists and that each time I get the grit to dip a toe in, everyone is so kind. There are tons of resources for aspiring YA writers and so many ways to connect. It’s my favorite part of the Internet.


On a similar note, I saw blogger Jessica Love posting about Sip Swap last year and I thought it looked so fun, but I had a newborn so there was no way I could add another responsibility into my life. But this year I can, and I am stoked to send someone random a mug and to receive a surprise mug in return! Fun! (My brain still says participation is scary but I’m telling it that participation is fun instead.)




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  1. Karyne says:

    First of all, I feel honored to have had so many comments discussions with you after reading this blog post! I’m so glad you’re not always a lurker because I’ve had fun getting to know you!

    Second – that Sip Swap is so adorable! And I’ll be back in the States in time to participate! I’m seriously going to start hunting for the coolest African mug to bring back for the swap! Thanks for sharing!

    • Crystal says:

      So awesome that you’re signing up for the swap! I hope you get me, haha! 🙂

      And I really have no clue why some bloggers intimidate me more than others. You are always so kind and relatable–maybe that’s why I actually interact with you, lol… 🙂

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