Never Enough Time

This cute little lobster.

This cute little lobster.

My copy of The Night Circus has been renewed once already and I only have two more days left to finish it. And I only have a week to finish Rainbow Rowell’s Landline before it’s due back.

I am so close to the end of my WIP, but my goal of 60,000 words has been surpassed and the story is still not done.

Today, I made some fabulous cabbage rolls in the crock pot with timer, but while I was chopping onions, my son crawled into the kitchen and ate cat food. A bunch of cat food.

The dishes piled up in the sink since I worked on my WIP during nap times, so I did the dishes and my son crawled into the kitchen and ate MORE cat food. He licked the crumbs off his hand. He really likes cat food, apparently.

And now my son is meowing. That’s totally normal, right?


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    • Crystal says:

      I remember tasting cat food as a child, and it was horrible. Then again, I tasted some generic kind that probably had all sorts of weird byproducts in it. I am comforting myself with the fact that our cat food is actually quite high quality, haha…

    • Crystal says:

      Interesting and crazy-making! I never realized how much free time I used to have until I had a baby. I’m sure the transition from one to two babies is similar, and if I have a second, I will eventually think back to this time with a fondness for how much I could get done with only one, haha…

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