RSW: Beta/CP Match-up

RSWgoldpolaroidToday is the beta/critique partner match-up from Ready. Set. Write! and I would love another set of eyes for my current WIP, Phantasm. It’s a YA contemporary romance.

I am hoping to have the draft and first pass revisions done by sometime in mid-autumn, so if you are interested and might have time to read around then, feel free to comment or email me (crystal (dot) schubert (at) gmail (dot) com)!

Title: Phantasm

Approx. end word count: 60,000

(Very rough draft of) Query: 

Eighteen-year-old Emma Poland is a theater school reject. Acting is her life, but her auditions couldn’t even land her a spot at one of her safety schools. The future careens toward her, empty and terrifying, and Emma cocoons herself in the popular TV show, Phantasm. Instead of making plans that will only fall through, she works on her fan site and fantasizes about the show’s lead character, legendary ghost-hunter Pierce Stratford.

Until she wins a walk-on role on Phantasm. Cue epic fangirl sigh. This Universe has given her a sign: she’s living a romantic comedy and she’s finally coming out of her black moment. She’ll jet off to Vancouver for four days and wow Pierce Stratford (and every university admissions department that spurned her) with a pitch-perfect performance. Future = fixed.

Only, Emma’s acting chops are met with a tepid reception and her attempts to catch Pierce’s eye quickly turn catastrophic. Maybe she’s further back in her own story than she thought. With her time on set running out, Emma will have to force her life to fit the romcom mold or she’ll spend the rest of her life in her parents’ basement with only her Phantasm box set to keep her warm.


Let me know if you’re interested in reading! 🙂



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  1. Alexandrina Brant says:

    I know I’m pretty late commenting now, but I never really had a chance to look around the CP posts until recently. Anyway, if you need another pair of eyes, I’d be interesting in swapping pages or whatever. 🙂

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