RSW: Update 7

RSWgoldpolaroid1.  How I did on last week’s goals.

Awful again. 1,985 words for a total word count of 49,711.

2.  My goal(s) for this week.

Keep plugging along and try to finish my draft at some point.

3.  A favorite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised.

 He rubs his solid, square jaw. There’s stubble. Past-Emma would’ve been all over that. Digging into my chest and giving him my heart directly.

Neville snuggling with my pregnant belly.

Neville snuggling with my pregnant belly.

 4.  The biggest challenge I faced this week (ex. finding time to write).

It’s my 30th birthday today, so the build up to that interfered, and then my cat, Neville, died. He’d been dealing with stomatitis since before Jack was born, but we didn’t know that’s what it was until April. He had a couple teeth pulled and felt WAY better, then all his teeth got infected. He had to have them all out, and he didn’t recover well. When the vet went back in to figure out why, Nev did OK for the surgery, but when he woke up he stopped breathing and then he went into cardiac arrest. So we’ve been in mourning, and mourning is not a good place for writing. Or for anything, really.

5.  Something I love about my WiP.

When I start to get to the end of a draft, I start to get sick of it. This is happening now, compounded by the loss of Neville, and I am not sure how I feel about my story at all.

So, how did YOU do this week, writing or otherwise?

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  1. Katy Upperman says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry about your kitty, Crystal. Makes my heart hurt. 🙁 But, I hope you’re still able to have a good birthday. Sending you well wishes from FL. And yes, keep plugging along on that WiP. <3

  2. Emma Adams says:

    So sorry to hear about your cat. 🙁 I wouldn’t beat yourself up about not reaching your word count. Every word counts, and I don’t blame you for not being in the mood!

  3. Alison Miller says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss! 🙁 And please don’t fret about the words or the lack of love for your story. Time for mourning and a break from your story sound like what you might need right now and that’s okay. I really hope you have a better week and I am so sorry again for the loss of your cat.

  4. Karyne says:

    I’m so sorry about your cat! Losing a pet is so hard. It’s totally okay to take a break from your story to work through your grief. I’m also sorry you didn’t reach your goal before your 30th birthday. I had 30 goals before 30 and then 31 before 31 and I stopped doing it because it was too depressing when I didn’t reach them all. Once you’ve had some time to mourn Neville, pick up where you left off and finish your WIP! It’s never too late!

    • Crystal says:

      I only did 10 goals before 30 because I started in April, but I did get 9 so that’s pretty satisfying. I might try 31 before 31, haha…but yeah, it is sad not to make my last goal. Extenuating circumstances, though. :-/

  5. Leandra Wallace says:

    I totally get that way too! (with coming to the end of a draft) I feel like I’ve already written the ending fifty million times and now I still have to do it for real? 😉 Sorry to hear about your cat, pets always create special places in our hearts.

  6. Jessica Leake says:

    I’m so sorry about your cat :(. It’s always really hard to lose a beloved pet. I hope you give yourself some time and take a break from your WIP until you aren’t so grief-stricken. Hope this week is a little easier for you.

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks, I think I’m definitely taking more of a breather this week. I plan to spend much of it reading with my other kitty in my lap, and hopefully that will make us both feel better.

  7. Kitty Murry says:

    I’m so sorry about Neville. That’s the hard part about pets, they just worm their way into your heart, become part of your family and you know what kind of lifespan they are likely to have but it never makes it easier. I love the lines that you shared. Good luck with your goals this week.

    • Crystal says:

      Yeah, I do wish cats and dogs lived longer. It’s so hard to say goodbye. With Neville it was harder because he was only 3, but he had always had a lot of issues. Our other cat is almost 10 and he has barely had any problems. It’s kind of a crapshoot.

  8. Jaime Morrow says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about Neville. 🙁 Like Kitty said, pets have a way of becoming part of the family, and the loss of a pet is so, so hard. I’ll be thinking of you today. I hope you’re able to have a Happy 30th Birthday despite these tough times.

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks, I’ve tried to set the stuff with Neville aside here and there and enjoy myself without feeling guilty about it. I think we’ve just been mixing joy and grief and it’s kind of working for us.

  9. Erin Funk says:

    Oh dear, I’m so sorry that you lost Neville. One of our cats passed away last fall, and that really derailed me emotionally too. I can totally understand why that would keep you from being in the frame of mind for writing. It’s tough to loose pets when they’re so much a part of the family. Hang in there, and I hope you’ll feel encouraged this week.

    • Crystal says:

      Aw, I’m sorry you lost your cat, too. They really are a part of the family and it’s so sad when they go. Just makes me snuggle my other kitty a little tighter (and my husband and baby, too)…

  10. Dawn Brazil says:

    So sorry about your cat. tragedy can put a halt to many things. You should take the time you need to greive with your family so that when you do go back to your WIP you won’t resent it so much. Maybe this is one of the reasons you/we feel resentment or disgust for toward our WIPs. We can’t devote the time we want to it but also maintain our everyday life…it’s quite a juggle sometimes. Wishing you much success.

  11. prerna pickett says:

    sorry to hear about your cat! Hope brighter days are in your future. Getting in almost 2k is still an accomplishment, just keep going. I know how you feel about endings, I’m the same way with my projects, it gets harder and harder to find motivation. but you can do it!

  12. Ghenet Myrthil says:

    I’m so, so sorry to hear about your cat. Hugs.

    I hope you were still able to enjoy your birthday. I had a hard time focusing on writing leading up to mine, so I think both of us get a pass for last week. Hopefully we’re much more productive this week. 🙂

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