Update, Take Two: Ten Before Thirty

Quilt top successfully pieced and ready to be quilted!

Quilt top successfully pieced and ready to be quilted!

In all the Ready. Set. Write! hubub, I haven’t forgotten my Ten Before Thirty list! In fact, RSW is partially helping me complete one of my goals. But I’ve completed one more thing and made progress on others, so I figured a new update is in order.

1. Learn to quilt. I pieced my quilt top, so now I need to actually quilt it and then bind it. Fabric cutting and piecing were so much fun, even if the end product isn’t perfect. I wish I bought more of the orange so it would be evenly distributed. But I still like the way it’s turning out so far.

2. Drive a manual. This is going to happen! My original plan was to rent a manual for a weekend and work on it that way, but my husband bought a new car and it’s a manual! Now we just need to get a babysitter so he can take me out and give me some driving lessons… 🙂

3. Finish the draft of my current WIP. See Ready. Set. Write! I am on track to finish my draft by the week of my 30th birthday. Hooray!

4. Read my most embarrassing gap books. I read Jane Eyre. Just finished Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut–a quick read with awe-inspiring writing, though not entirely up my alley as far as the actual story. Now I need to get my hands on some Dickens and this one will be done.

5. Make pasta from scratch. I originally amended this one to say I wanted to try something new in the kitchen, so it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be pasta. I’ve decided I would prefer to bake a loaf of bread. I have baked many a pastry, cookie, cake and pie, but I’ve yet to bake a loaf of bread. Challenge = on.

6. Submit to more literary magazines. 

7. Write letters to five people that I appreciate. 

At a lookout on Beaver Lake, before the hike.

At a lookout on Beaver Lake, before the hike.

8. Go on a hike with Jack and my husband. DONE! A couple weekends ago, I strapped Jack into my carrier and the three of us took a 2.5 mile hike around Beaver Lake in Pocahontas State Park. I chose a relatively easy hike because I had no clue how well Jack would do (or how well I would do with nearly 23 extra-wiggly pounds strapped to my front). It was sweaty and buggy and I had to stop and feed Jack halfway through, but it was still a ton of fun. Jack did great! He kept leaning backward in the carrier to look up at the trees, and every time the branches opened up and let in a big chunk of sky, he got so excited and giggled like a maniac.

I do think we will have to wait until the fall to do more hikes, though–baby carriers are HOT and even with low 80’s temps that weekend, I was so worried Jack would get overheated or dehydrated.

9. Zipline. This is on the horizon. I’m thinking I will cash in on my birthday to get some free babysitting so I can do this with the hubs.

10. Get a massage.

Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂

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    • Crystal says:

      Thanks! And I thought I just wasn’t into books about war… except that I am, because I love lots of books set during WWII. So, the writing was awesome and I like WWII books… I actually have no idea why this book wasn’t up my alley, haha…

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