Update: Ten Before Thirty

Gratuitous picture of me and my son, because we're adorbs... ;)

Gratuitous picture of me and my son, because we’re adorbs… ūüėČ

I haven’t gotten as much done on my ten before thirty list¬†as I hoped so far, but any progress is progress!


6.¬†Submit to more literary magazines.¬†(All rejections so far, but not everyone has responded, so… hope? Sort of?)

7. Write letters to five people that I appreciate. See here.

10. Get a massage.  It was glorious.


1.¬†Learn to quilt.¬†I now have all the material and tools to start this project, I just haven’t had the time to get anything going. Soon!

3.¬†Finish the draft of my current WIP.¬†I’ve been plugging away (One Piece at a Time!) and even though it sometimes feels like I’m not getting anywhere, I have definitely been seeing more progress lately.

4.¬†Read my most embarrassing gap books.¬†Ugh, still working on Jane Eyre. There’s just no time during the day and at night when I try reading I consistently fall asleep after one to two pages. I’m about half-way through and really enjoying it!

In other news… We were supposed to go to a local Shakespeare festival this weekend, and I was so amped up. I even posted here about it.¬†Of course I didn’t get to go. I should know better than to jinx myself by getting all excited! I had the pleasure of hosting a sleepover for my six year old twin nieces Friday night–we did face masks and watched¬†Frozen and ordered a bunch of Chinese food. It was a lot of fun, except that I didn’t know they don’t ever eat Chinese food. We let them serve themselves and they both overate, which they never really do. Cut to, next morning around 6 AM, Jack is waking up and so I grab him and¬†snuggle up in my nice cozy bed, and one of my nieces comes in and announces, “[Sister’s name] is barfing. She really is. I’m not joking.” And she really was. Fried rice all over the carpet and bathroom. My husband (the saint!) cleaned it up because my stomach is weak and I’m a jerk. Somehow, Jack’s bodily fluids don’t phase me at all, but from anyone else I CAN. NOT. HANDLE. IT. Then the sister that wasn’t puking was, I think, jealous of the attention her sick sister was getting so she decided to be super emotional and dramatic for the rest of the day.

So, we had to go get a carpet cleaner instead of seeing Shakespeare. Sigh.

How did you spend your beautiful weekend?

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