Happy B-day, Shakespeare!

392px-Much_Ado_QuartoToday, if you believe the common conjecture, is Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, old Shakey! 🙂 It’s also his death day, but you know, we don’t talk about that. Much more fun to celebrate birthdays than death days.

This weekend, we are going to picnic at Agecroft Hall in Richmond, VA–a Tudor home that was brought over from England and reconstructed. I’ve been there before, even saw a play performed (“The Two Gentlemen of Verona”). They’re having a little Shakespeare festival with roving performers and *gasp* Shakespeare himself. We decided to forgo Easter Bunny pictures this year for Jack, because he’s sort of in his stranger danger phase and I have always thought Easter Bunnies look creepy anyway, but I kind of want a picture of my son with Shakespeare. Is that wrong?

Also, later this year, I will hopefully be able to see Macbeth at the American Shakespeare Center! It’s a little Elizabethan-style theater (they try to keep productions close to how they would’ve been performed historically)  and I loooove it. We’ve seen quite a few performances over the years, and a large part of the reason I am happy to be back in Virginia is that I get to go see some more of their performances. Yay for theater!

Are you doing anything to celebrate the Bard this week? What’s your favorite play? 

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