Don’t Call it a Comeback

Fat with child.

Hi, Internet.

I hope you’ll have me back.

In fact, I never really left. It’s just, instead of reading and writing and enjoying the general YA blogosphere, I have been poring over a completely different corner of the web–the Mommy Web. That deep, dark tunnel that starts off by innocently Googling pregnancy symptoms and ends with me neglecting everything and everyone that doesn’t expressly concern the miracle of birth and babies.

Jack Westley, 1 day old.

Last year, around March, I discovered I was pregnant. Perhaps it’s inappropriate to divulge, but we had a lot of trouble getting pregnant. Well, we had trouble with me STAYING pregnant, anyway. Without digging too deep, I think it’s best summed up by saying that 2012 was a gut-crushing, soul-sucking year for me. So, yeah. When this baby kept hanging in there (there = my uterus), I found myself totally obsessed. At the expense of all former passions.

Jack Westley was born on 11/12/13. He’s had me wrapped around his sweet little finger ever since.

Little goof.

But alas, I’m so tired of the Mommy Web. Finally, after four months, I get actual breaks from parenting and breastfeeding and diaper-changing. After about 8 pm, I have free time (in between my half-hourly checks to make sure he’s still breathing). And I spend it reading about parenting and breastfeeding and diaper-changing. Madness!

So, here I am. I’m back.

I hope that I can reconnect old connections and connect entirely new ones. I want to refocus on writing and reading fun fiction. I am so incredibly thankful that I’m a mom and that I have this gorgeous, pooping, stinking bundle of joy, but I miss being me. So, most of all, I hope I can find some balance between the old and new. Wish me luck!

Have you ever had anything derail your life so completely? How did you get back on track with your goals? Or did you just make completely new ones?

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  1. Melissa McGovern Taylor says:

    Aww, your little guy is soooo cute! Sorry, I got nosy and found your blog. Love the Friday Frenching thing – cute idea! Yes, I have two kids, so I know all about getting derailed. The great thing about novel projects is you can pick them up again and keep going (and going and going and going…). My only novel projects that lose steam are the ones that I never really had my whole heart in.

    • Crystal says:

      No need to apologize! That’s awesome that you have two kids–how do you find time to handle them AND write?? I’m hoping it gets easier as they get older. Tell me it gets easier!

      Anyway, I’m off to check out your blog, now 🙂

  2. Kris Atkins says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Babies are the absolute best reason for disappearing and ignoring your hobbies, friends, the outside world, etc. That is so so exciting. And Jack is adorable! That smile kills me.
    I’m finally getting into a really good writing groove, and Turbo is almost 17 months. Whoops! I finally figured out around New Year’s that nap times should be exclusively saved for writing time. Combined with my 100 words a day challenge, my writing life has changed dramatically. It took several different tries to figure out how to fit in writing, but I’ve finally found the one that works for me. Best of luck! I’m glad you’re back!

    • Crystal says:

      I remember that you took some time away when your babe was born, that’s so crazy that he’s already 17 months!

      Nap time is a great time for writing… I just have to figure out how to undo the bad habit I made of letting him nap on me. All I can do right now during naps is read or go online or watch TV. Definitely gonna have to work on that.

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