Friday Frenching #5

My favorite TV couple of all time. Prepare for the cuteness.

THE KISSERS: Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts from The OC


WHY IT ROCKED: I think this one is all about the PDA. Seth puts himself completely out on the line, in front of tons of their classmates. He gets on top of the freaking coffee cart to profess his love for Summer. It’s all or nothing.

The public announcement/kiss is something that shows up in a ton of rom-coms. I haven’t yet deciphered why this is such a thing. Is it because the guy is putting himself in a dangerous position with a lot of rejection potential? Is it because everyone else is looking on and getting jealous? Or is it something else?

With this kiss, Summer had been hiding her relationship with Seth from everyone at school. She liked him, but she was embarrassed to like him since he’s so dorky and awkward and she’s popular with an image to protect. In this case, the public display was a remedy to their situation. He says, “Acknowledge me now or lose me forever.” And thankfully she does!

What do you think is so appealing about the PDA? Do you like people watching you kiss your significant other? Because I don’t, so I don’t know why it’s romantic in movies…

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  1. Jennifer Pickrell says:

    Aww, I loved them as a couple! The crowd reaction is great – the guys look annoyed and the girls are all smiling at the cuteness. So real life.

    Yeah, it’s weird that PDA seems romantic in movies, but if I see people making out at someplace I’m at, I’m thinking WTF, get a room!

  2. Rebecca Barrow says:

    I love this! They’re so cute together 🙂 I think PDA works in films/books because it’s always some kind of triumph for the characters, like finally winning the girl. Because yeah, normal PDA just squicks me out–take it somewhere private, please!

    • Crystal says:

      Seth and Summer are the cutest, for sure.

      And I agree–I guess it tends to mean more in fiction. Plus, I think we genuinely care about the characters so their moment is fun to read. A friend of mine got proposed to in front of a whole party full of people and–because I love her–it was really moving. If I didn’t know her, I’d be rolling my eyes like crazy 🙂

  3. Kris Atkins says:

    I don’t like PDA (my hubby absolutely hates it), but I think it’s used in rom-coms so much because women think if a guy is willing to “make a fool of himself” in front of everyone, he must truly like you. Just one of those tropes, I guess.
    But that’s a cute kiss.

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