Friday Frenching #3

This is my new favorite day of the week! Friday! Kissing! I am loving this new weekly feature thing.

THE KISSERS: Troy and Lalaina from Reality Bites


WHY IT ROCKED: This kiss was predestined to be gorgeous. Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke could never have an unattractive kiss. It’s just not possible.

Plus, this: “She breaks my heart, again and again, but I love her.”

But what I love about this kiss is that it is almost a microcosm of their shifting relationship. It starts out as two friends talking. As Troy goes to comfort Lalaina, he kisses her on the side of her head. Her cheek. He’s still in friend territory here. If she pulled away, he could cover for himself and still maintain their friendship. But then there’s that awkward, beautiful moment before they figure out where there mouths should go. Charting foreign territory in such a familiar relationship. And finally the long-awaited kiss that brings their friendship into a whole new light. Once they cross the line, they both dive headlong into the kiss and Troy–notorious for masking his real emotions–allows himself to be raw and passionate in a way that he’d been too afraid to be until that moment.

I still get excited when I watch this movie. It’s an oldie but goodie.

What’s your favorite friend-to-relationship romance?

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