It’s the First Friday Frenching!

I am a terribly inconsistent blogger. I brainstorm posts from time to time and it’s so harrrrrd to come up with anything worth reading. What I keep coming back to is kissing. I want to write about kissing. A lot.

I’m 28, and I’m a kissaholic. That’s probably why I love YA so much.

So I’m starting a new series that will simultaneously allow me to talk about kissing and blog more! Win/win.

This new development will henceforth be known as Friday Frenching. Each Friday, for as long as I can sustain it, I will highlight a favorite kiss in movies, literature, TV, etc. The first kiss is crucial to YA romance, so I am telling myself that this is research. Awesome, sexy, fun, awkward, hilarious, beautiful research!

This week’s kiss is a recent development on the show New Girl. If you have a bunch of episodes backed up on your DVR, do yourself a favor and STOP READING HERE. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Yeah, that happened.

THE KISSERS: Jess and Nick from the TV show New Girl

WHY IT ROCKED: Nick, who is uniformly awkward in everything he does, has a rare smooth moment. At the perfect time. It’s the lady’s trench coat he got in the mail. Trench Coat Nick is bold and confident–far superior to Regular Nick. But even Trench Coat Nick can’t kiss Jess when they’re propelled together during a drinking game. He wants it to mean more. For it to be real.

But when Jess is scared by a noise at the door later that night, it isn’t her boyfriend that she calls to check it out–it’s Nick. The noise ends up being a neighbor’s dog, and Nick is forced to give back the lady’s trench coat he’d been wearing as a suit of armor for the whole episode. But before Nick goes back to being Regular Nick, he decides to be Trench Coat Nick one last time and swings Jess back into his arms. They have their first awkward kiss, which leads into the better, more exciting second kiss–the one where Jess knows that it’s Nick she’s kissing. Nick, her roommate. Her best friend. And even with her boyfriend in the other room asleep, she can’t help but kiss him back.


Have you read/seen any great kisses lately? Give me your favorite kiss scenes in the comments!

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  1. Kris Atkins says:

    Umm .. I LOVE this segment. Because kissing is super duper awesome. This was indeed a HAWT kiss. I was freaking out. Good pick for your first Frenching Friday!
    Other kisses that are awesome … only one I can think of right this moment is Van Helsing. My sister and I looked at each other and were like, “Daaaaaaamn!” There are others for sure, but now I’ve got that one on my mind so … yeah. 🙂

    • Kris Atkins says:

      Oh, DUR! Ron and Hermione’s kiss in both the book and the movie. They were different, but both awesome. Extremely extremely awesome.
      The kiss in Penelope was really good too. Super hot.
      The kiss in Becoming Jane wasn’t necessarily hot, but super sweet and yet still a bit awkward. Also! The Hunger Games … book and movie once more. Aha! They’re all coming back to me. 🙂

      • Crystal says:

        I have yet to see Van Helsing, so I need to remedy that immediately if there’s hot kissing action involved.

        I love everything about Ron and Hermione, so agreed there!

        I can’t remember the kiss from Penelope, but the scene in Becoming Jane that totally KILLS me is not even their kiss, but the exact moment when Jane thinks Tom isn’t coming to the party and he cuts in on her dance. He has the most adorable look on his face and I LOVE THAT SCENE, haha 🙂

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