Charlotte Street

As much as I read, I realized that I don’t really put enough reviews up on my blog.

So, I discovered this book while I was browsing in Barnes & Noble for gifts before Christmas, and I pointed it out to my husband. I’m always pointing books out to him and saying how much I want to read them–especially before Christmas. And lo and behold, I unwrapped CHARLOTTE STREET by Danny Wallace on Christmas morn. A heartwarming, everyday tale of boy stalks girl. It says so right on the cover.

The Goodreads blurb:

Jason Priestley (not that one) has just seen her. They shared an incredible, brief, fleeting moment of deep possibility, somewhere halfway down Charlotte Street.

And then, just like that, she was gone – accidentally leaving him holding her old-fashioned, disposable camera, chock full of undeveloped photos…

And now Jason – ex-teacher, ex-boyfriend, part-time writer and reluctant hero – faces a dilemma. Should he try and track The Girl down? What if she’s The One? But that would mean using the only clues he has, which lie untouched in this tatty disposable…

It’s funny how things can develop…

I really loved this story and Wallace’s voice hooked me right away. A few things bugged me–the insistence on withholding information in order to cliffhang EVERY chapter, for one. But overall, this was so sweet and funny. Jason is despicable and selfish, but also funny, self-aware, and rarely unlikable. All of the characters were so well-rounded, especially Dev, the video game obsessed roommate with the used game store under their flat. The story is propelled by Jason’s search for The Girl in the pictures, and while there are definitely elements of a delightfully cheesy rom-com, I felt that CHARLOTTE STREET went beyond that and became more of a story about a guy trying to find his direction, and determining how to “make it happen” and leave his mark on the world.

Wallace has also written a whole bunch of non-fiction books (including YES MAN, which was made into that Jim Carrey movie), and I intend to get my hands on them ASAP.

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  1. Rebecca B says:

    This sounds totally charming! I need to add it to my list.
    Your move is coming up soon, right? Good luck! Are you having to pack up boxes upon boxes of books 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      Yes, thanks, we’re moving next Saturday! So exciting 🙂 We do have a ridiculous number of book boxes, so I’m glad my husband is renting a dolly for loading the truck.

  2. Kris Atkins says:

    Question … do you have a time or quantity limit on comments? Because I wanted to comment on your last post, but couldn’t. Is this normal, or am I just weird? Wait … is this normal? (Because I’m definitely weird.)

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