So, We’re All Still Here…

The Mayan Apocalypse came and went with nary a firebomb. Nothing cool EVER happens here. Here being Earth.

Anyway, last year I summed up my goals for 2012 in this post, and I was surprised to find that I wasn’t all that ambitious, and I was not very specific either.

Here’s my 2012 resolutions and how they fared:


We also went to Diagon Alley whilst we were in London.

  • Travel more – I did this! I went to the UK again in May, where we visited a ton of national parks and hiked up our first mountain (Cader Idris in Wales). Went to NYC for the sixth or seventh time in July. Took quite a few day trips in the local area. I feel good about this one, and I hope I can keep up the momentum!

  • Start querying my completed MS – I did this one, too! But I don’t really consider it a success. I decided to query right around WriteOnCon, and I ended up getting some valuable feedback from one of the Ninja Agents. I decided to go back and make some huge changes before I query again. However, I currently have two full requests out from that batch of querying, so I am going to wait until I hear back before I make any drastic changes.
  • Attend a YA writing conference – I guess I can consider this half complete. My idea at the time was to go to an in-person conference. Put myself out there and potentially meet a new writing friend or two. I didn’t go to a real world conference, but I did attend WriteOnCon which was pretty fantastic for something that is totally online and free. The showrunners there are rock stars.
  • Finish the drafts of my other two WIPs – Again, half complete. I didn’t finish either WIP that is being referred to here–they’re both drawered for now–but I did complete a draft for a totally new WIP back in August or September. I’m working on macro edits for it now. (Or I should be, but instead I’m writing this post :))
  • Take a much needed trip back to Seattle – Nope. Didn’t get out there to visit this year, unfortunately, but we’re moving back there on the 19th of January anyway!
  • Stop valuing my worth based on how much I earn or what I do for a living – Ummm… I still do this. I really need to stop because it’s never a positive valuation.
  • Disallow decision-making based on fits of severe anxiety – I don’t know how quantifiable this is as a goal. Past Me was being a little weird. I like to think my anxiety has improved, but I’m worried it has not. (Haha.)
  • I also made a goal of reading 100 books last year, but I because of life factors outside of my control, coupled with discovering the show Supernatural and mainlining every season via Netflix, I missed that goal pretty hard. I read 69 books in 2012, according to the smug little Goodreads icon.

    So 2013 is upon us, and I have far fewer goals this year.

    • Read 100 books. Yeah, I’m trying that again.
    • Check out their 10 day pledge here.

    • 100 Days of Real Foods. I found this blog and my husband and I thought about doing their 10 day challenge, but we are feeling ambitious so we are recreating their experiment with our own 100 day pledge. So far, so good. In fact, I made some amazing whole wheat tortillas last night that I could probably subsist on for the entire 100 days, if necessary. 


    • Attend a writing conference. Trying that again, too. But this time, I know that there are several around Seattle that I can shoot for without having to worry about paying airfare or hotel costs.

    That’s it! I haven’t made any writing-related goals, really. I’m probably not going to write every single day, as this year promises to be hectic, but hopefully I will still make progress.

    But this year I will be positive and I will count even the vaguest of successes as a win.

    What are your plans for the new year? How’d your 2012 goals end up?


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    1. Rebecca B says:

      Congrats on the full requests, and good luck with the move!
      I guess my goal for 2013 is to revise my latest MG WIP, and then start a new project/finish a half-started one.

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