Forget You

It’s November already. Election day has finally passed, and the holidays approacheth. Christmas, in particular, and I am so so excited to deck our halls with string lights and pine needles and play Christmas music non-stop. (Oddly, my husband is way less excited for me to start these things.)

Anyway, this week YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday asks: What was the best book you read in October?

Easy peasy. FORGET YOU by Jennifer Echols.

I’d heard people gush about Echols’ writing before, so when I saw a good deal on an ebook for this one a while back I went ahead and bought it. When I finally opened it up in my Nook, I couldn’t stop reading.

Zoey gets amnesia after a nasty car wreck and can’t remember hardly anything that happened that night. What she does remember is Doug, her arch-nemesis, pulling her out of the car. Kissing him in the woods beside the wreck, even though she has a boyfriend. But why would she be kissing him? Where was she heading when the crash took place? Why does her relationship with her boyfriend feel so stilted and different now?

While some of the plot devices felt very familiar (particularly, the ability for any girl MC to continue to deny incredibly OBVIOUS issues in order to create tension), the romance was fun and Doug was adorably wounded and sympathetic. And we all know that the love interest is usually what makes or breaks a contemporary romance.

Now I’m eager to get my hands on another book by Echols–but she’s got a few and I can’t decide. Any suggestions for my next pick?

Also, what was your favorite read in October?



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  1. Jaime Morrow says:

    I still have never read a Jennifer Echols book, but FORGET YOU just showed up in the mail yesterday. I forgot that I’d ordered it, so it was a pleasant surprise. After reading your thoughts on it, I think I’ll probably enjoy it. Thanks! 🙂

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