I think it’s very easy to list out the crappy things going on, at any given moment. I’m pretty sure human pessimism is ingrained because of *insert something snappy about evolutionary biology here*. I recently read a survey about the best and worst things that have ever happened to people and I found that my saddest moments rang clear in my memory but I had a harder time pin-pointing the happiest moments.

So, I’m making it a point to remember how happy I am. Things are not always that great, and shit happens–obviously, which is why that phrase has become cliche–but here are some of the happy-making things I am currently doing:

1. Baking adorable miniature pies (Mine weren’t THIS adorable, so I didn’t take any pics…):

Baking super-cute miniature pies!

2. Outlining/First drafting a new WIP. I’m not going at NaNo speeds or anything, as I’ve decided to let myself relax this month, but the story is slowly coming together and I’m excited to spit it out on the page 🙂
3. Crocheting ninjas:

Ninja I made for my husband!


Starting a pink sparkly ninja for one of my nieces. This yarn makes me smile every time I see it.

4. Reading and loving, so far:

5. Listening to and swooning:


What have you been doing to make yourself happy lately?

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  1. Rebecca B says:

    Those ninjas are beyond awesome. Okay, I have to admit I’m struggling with happy at the moment–I got hit really hard with the flu. But I am eating lots of popsicles and watching TV, which is a good enough way to pass the time while sick.

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