Every Story Has Been Told

Picture I took of puppets at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Today I randomly stumbled across a really cool site: Humans of New York

This ex-bond trader turned photographer takes shots of random strangers throughout the city, and often adds tidbits from his chats with them. Some have a sentence or two, some have longer tales that reveal depth and joy and philosophy and hidden sadness.

It’s easy to feel like every story has been told before. The sheer amount of books and movies and poems and TV shows, etc., etc., etc., seem to prove that there is little else to be discovered. But this photographer’s site, for me, is proving the opposite. There couldn’t possibly be enough film or paper to encompass everyone’s story. So while explosive, wild premises may be done and redone, people go on living their lives in quiet and creating new stories that no one has heard.

Today, I’ve spent way too long perusing the pictures and stories on this site, marveling at how infinite story can be. The Internet has its faults, but I love how much insight it provides. Sometimes I just pull up random Tumblr sites and they–like HONY–reveal story after story. People I’ve never met and probably will never meet, experiencing things that I may never experience. Or experiencing things I have experienced, but in completely unique ways.

I think I’m revealing myself to be a bit of a weirdo here, but story is why I love fiction and biographies and histories. Why I love theater and movies and TV. More than writing or reading or watching, my passion lies entirely with story.

Obviously, I haven’t read them all yet, but here are a few of my favorite longer stories on HONY:

The Chess Hustler

The Protector

The Hero

If you check out the site, I’d love to know if any of the stories struck a chord with you.

Do you love story? How do you prefer to get your story fix?

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  1. Rebecca B says:

    That web site is fascinating and addictive. I really (and somewhat morbidly) want to know more about the image of the polic officers on the street–it’s poignant and striking. My favorite has to be the girl with the blanket/cape though. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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