Sometimes the Internet just gets away from me. I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t posted in weeks. Plural. Oops. Singular.

I’ve been marathoning my current WIP, which I love so far. It’s the most challenging story I’ve attempted, and I hope I’m doing it justice. At least a little.

While I was working to produce some original song lyrics for the WIP–yeah, it’s that kind of story–I found a haiku diary that I was keeping last year. I absolutely love writing haikus. It’s such a fun experiment trying to fit a flesh-and-blood feeling into so few syllables. I only kept the diary for about three months, and most of them are awful, but I think I hit on a couple of moderately OK ones:

There are those that live
in nostalgia, where they will
linger—open wounds.

(Before a Something Corporate show in early August, 2011)
Something Corporate:
I will drink and rock out to
your brand of awesome.

I want a tattoo
of some defining moment
I have yet to have.

(My husband and I finally watched Lost in September, 2011–Now I know how and when, of course. )
Spoiled on Lost, I still
don’t know how it happens, or
when—poor Charlie croaks.

I’m a quitter, and
that is something that I once
liked about myself.

Do you write haiku?
Let me know in the comments!
I’d love to read yours.

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