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I didn’t find Jessica Darling until I was out of college and finally had time to read for pleasure (this is probably why New Adult is such a hard sell, you guys!). Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling series (SLOPPY FIRSTS, SECOND HELPINGS, CHARMED THIRDS, etc.) was published in the same time frame as my own high school experience, so I instantly related to all of the cultural references and how they impacted Jessica’s life.

Jessica [not-so] Darling is smart, brash, sarcastic, and her relationship with Marcus Flutie evolves in a wonderfully realistic way. I absolutely adore her. In fact, she was my first forray into YA lit, and her voice ignited my passion for the entire genre. Of course I knew that there were authors out in the world, doing their own creative things, but I was so caught up in literariness that I hadn’t ever read anything this vibrant and fun. I loved the colloquial style and the raw emotions. It was a lot closer to the kind of thing that I wanted to write but didn’t think I had permission to. Jessica Darling gave me that permission, and for that I will always always always thank her.

Here are some quotes from the series, to get you hooked on her voice:

“You can only be in a bad mood for so long before you have to face up to the fact that it isn’t a bad mood at all; it’s just your sucky personality.” – Sloppy Firsts

“Then a lightning bolt shot straight through my skivvies. Sha-ZAM!” – Sloppy Firsts

“But why would it matter? We aren’t … or…uh…weren’t …”
Which is it, Jess? “Aren’t” or “weren’t”? Present or past tense? Now or then?
“We haven’t been talking to each other.”
Past imperfect tense. How appropriate.”
Second Helpings

“Then again maybe there’s something that I’ve been doing in the privacy of my own bedroom my whole life that I think is perfectly normal but is actually illegal in thirty-two states.” – Second Helpings

“It’s only when I come back home that I remember exactly why I left.” – Charmed Thirds

“He’s got a pointy bald head, and too much flesh hanging around his neck. The resulting combination gives him an unlikely yet striking resemblance to an uncircumcised penis. I secretly call him Rumpelforeskin.” – Fourth Comings

“It’s just Jessica and Marcus, oxymoronically alone together.” – Perfect Fifths

Have you read this series? If not, how soon are you going to read it so we can talk about it together? 

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