I Love a Boy Who Yearns.

This month was a bit of a slower reading month, but there was one definite stand out:  THE DISENCHANTMENTS by Nina LaCour.

First of all, please look at that cover and be as impressed with it as I was. As much as I try not to judge books by their covers, I totally still do. Most of the time the judging is pretty accurate, so there.

Colby is all set for European adventures with his BFF (and crush) Bev–they just have to make it through ten days of touring the Pacific Northwest with her riot grrrl band The Disenchantments, first. It’s on that road trip that Bev reveals that she will NOT be jetting off to Europe with Colby, but will actually be heading off to RISD in the fall. That bitch!

Obviously Colby is a better person than I am, because I would have ditched that roadie gig so fast if I was hit with a brick like that. But he stays. Maybe that says as much about my character as it does about his. Let’s not read into it.

I loved that this was told from a boy’s perspective, which, now that I think about it, is sort of rare for contemporary YA.  Oh, and the minor characters and various concert scenes were incredibly fleshed out considering how simple the prose style seemed to be. While I didn’t really sympathize much with Bev, since she’s sort of obnoxious and “mysterious” throughout most of the book, I did feel for Colby. He was sweet and artsy and his yearning for Bev broke my heart.  

Have you read THE DISENCHANTMENTS? What’d you think? What was the best book you read in April?

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  1. Rebecca B says:

    I second the lack of sympathy for Bev (I never really connected with her). But I loved this book, particularly its dreamy, thoughtful mood.

  2. Mrs. Silverstein says:

    Oh man…see, I feel like I’ve seen this tough-girl-nice-guy dynamic play out before…but in real life. It’s hard to watch, real or fictional, when one person is just sweet and loyal and the other person is moving on. I knew there was something putting me off it, but you’ve helped me put my finger on it. But it’s gotten so many raves that I will probably still read it, even if it makes me cringe a little.

    • Crystal says:

      You make a good point, but for whatever reason, I’m a big fan of it. Maximum awkwardness, tons of tension… it’s the stuff page-turning conflict is made of 🙂

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