What’s the Difference Between Wanderlust and Wanderlove?

Isle of Skye. A little game my H and I liked to play: footpath or two-way road? Spoiler: this one is a two-way road.

Fun Road Trip Wednesday, today, in honor of Kirsten Hubbard’s new release WANDERLOVE!  I just ordered this book last night, and I am so so so eager for it to get here.  I have a huge soft spot for travel-related fiction, and travel in general.  My feet get quite antsy if I stay in one spot for long enough, and it’s far less expensive to quell that feeling with fiction than with constant travel. 

The question:  If you could wander anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

My dream is to wander the WHOLE WORLD.  Eventually.  The only problem is that I am not cut out for long-term travel.  My husband and I spent two weeks in the UK, and by the end of the trip I was happy to go home.  So, two weeks is probably my maximum at-one-time travel length.  I need a home base.  I love to travel and explore and have adventures, but I also love being at home.  If I were to travel longer than two weeks, I’d just want to live in one spot for several months–that way, I could have a place where I felt at home.

Where would that one spot be?  Probably somewhere in the UK.  Scotland, probably.  The accents all make me weak in the brain, but I’m assuming I’d get used to it eventually.  I’ve already strongly considered moving over there at some point, and we’re all set to go on our second trip there in May.  If I didn’t have so many other countries on my wishlist, I would just go back to the UK again and again.  It’s a gorgeous country, and I would be very happy to check out all of the little country towns during the week, and jet off to other EU countries on holiday. 

What about you?  Where would you like to explore?  Have you had a chance to purchase WANDERLOVE yet??

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  1. Colin Smith says:

    I never realized how true the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is until I moved to the States. The US is my home now, but there’s so much I would love to go back and see in the UK. Stuff I missed when I was living there because… well… I lived there. 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      Right, I’m sure there is plenty I miss in the US just because I live here. It’s harder to see the beauty and awesomeness when you grow up somewhere–it’s not until you CAN’T see it anymore that it becomes intriguing.

  2. Robin Moran says:

    Yeah, the UK does that to people. One step in it and you’re screaming to go back. 😉 Kidding, the UK isn’t that bad. I think it’s because I live here that I just look at it and think, what the hell do we have to show tourists?

    But if there’s one place worthy of visiting it’s York. Seriously, look up pictures of it. It’s just beautiful. Amazing scenery, right near the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors, and fantastic buildings. There’s just so much history there. Better city than London.

    • Crystal says:

      We’re going to York in May! 🙂 We’ll also be going through the Dales and the Moors. We’re trying to hit up a bunch of the national parks this go around. And I think that what the UK has to offer is that it’s so GREEN. Everything is so close together, which is strange for us Americans… And of course, literary tradition. Accents. Scottish men.

  3. Rebecca B says:

    I am a homebody at heart, so I concur with the two-week max. I’m going on a three-week trip this summer, and it’ll be interesting to see how I feel at the end of it.
    I’m partial to warmer-weather destinations–I’d love to go to Cuba and Tanzania.

    • Crystal says:

      I’d love to know how you fare! Where are you going?

      It’s hard to love travel so much, but at the same time be a homebody. I don’t think I could ever be fully nomadic, though I tried to convince my husband to go on a three month trip one time. I’m secretly glad he said no, lol.

  4. stephanie says:

    I’m a homebody, too, which makes the whole wanderlove thing a little difficult. I love my house and my places, but I also want to travel. Scotland would be amazing.

    • Crystal says:

      That’s why I think that living somewhere exotic would be so much better. You have your own house, your own things, but you still get to explore all the time. Win-win.

    • Crystal says:

      Edinburgh is such a beautiful city! We’ll be going back there in May, which is good because we didn’t get to see a ton the first time we went there. We met up with a friend and that sort of took away from a lot of our sight-seeing time. This time, I’d love to hike up to Arthur’s Seat.

  5. Kris Atkins says:

    I’m totally like you with needing a home base. I love traveling, but it always feels so good to be home. And I also want to see the whole world, but at the top of my list are the UK, New Zealand, and Japan. All very green places. I really like greenery.

  6. Amy Renske says:

    I can totally relate. I love to travel, but I’m also a homebody at heart and definitely need a home base. I also have this little problem of champagne taste and a beer budget. I somehow believe I could travel longer if I could afford to do it all first class. 🙂

  7. Jennifer Hoffine says:

    My dad was a homebody…he’d be all calm as we drove somewhere on vacation, but on the way back…watch out…no one and nothing (including potty breaks) got in his way of getting back home:)

    • Crystal says:

      I still haven’t read LIKE MANDARIN, but I’ve heard really good things about Hubbard’s ability to capture setting–which makes WANDERLOVE that much more promising!

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