Take Me Down to the English Channel

A few days ago I discovered Frank Turner (via this blog from Phoebe North) and I can’t stop loving him.  Look at how hard he rocks out.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, this is my final post of 2011.  With silly string and party poppers–and my twin nieces that I’m babysitting on NYE–I will ring in a new 2012 version of myself that will be better and wiser, if only for the years I’ve put behind me.

Even though New Year’s is not my favorite holiday, I love the sense of renewal and hope that comes at the beginning of each calendar year.  Maybe 2012 me will be less afraid, more adventurous, less lazy, or more successful.  And perhaps 2012 America will be more compassionate, less incensed, more educated, or less militant.

I tend to make goals for myself each year, and like most people, I give up on these goals by mid-February. But remember the renewal? The hope? So, yeah, I’m still going to make goals and hope like hell that I can achieve them.

  • Travel more
  • Start querying my completed MS
  • Attend a YA writing conference
  • Finish the drafts of my other two WIPs
  • Take a much needed trip back to Seattle
  • Stop valuing my worth based on how much I earn or what I do for a living
  • Disallow decision-making based on fits of severe anxiety
  • What are your hopes for 2012?  How did you fare in 2011?

    And of course… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    1. Colin says:

      All the best with querying, Crystal. And I like your second-to-last goal. So many people only consider their self-worth (and the value of others) in terms of job and salary. But that is so shallow. People are so much more than how they earn whatever money they make. I’m sure we’re all guilty of judging people by that kind of standard at some time–I for one resolve to stop. Thanks. 🙂

      • Crystal says:

        Thanks 🙂 And that’s a great resolution! I agree that it is a silly (though somehow socially ingrained) way to determine one’s worth.

    2. Kris Atkins says:

      I enjoyed 2011, but I’m really looking forward to 2012. Like you, I plan to query this year which is terrifying and exciting at the same time. Excitifying? Something like that.
      Good luck with your goals!

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