The Bliss of First Kisses

Ah, what a romantic film.

Today, I’ve been considering first kisses.  Not just your first kiss ever, but your first kiss with a new love interest.  I just finished BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver, which I’m sure I don’t need to tell you was freaking beautiful, where the MC Sam [SPOILER ALERT for the rest of the post] has quite a few first kisses with her different leading men.  First kisses are such an integral part of a YA romantic plot line, and Oliver captures a few different nuances.  Sam’s first kisses seem to embody the various first kiss reactions–from “OMG, am I floating?” to “OMG, this sort of hurts and is awkward and am I supposed to be enjoying this?”

  1. Rob Cokran – He is Sam’s boyfriend, but he’s a shoddy one.  Kisses with him always seemed to feel somewhere between slimy and annoying.  He’s that guy that you think you should be with, but when it comes down to it the chemistry is just not there.  And generally, That Guy is a douche.  At least in fiction.
  2. Mr. Daimler – Sam’s math teacher, who is eight years out of high school.  Her kiss with him was scandalous, and not in a juicy way.  It was super-perv action.  He’s the eye candy semi-rapist.  Sure, he’s totally hot, but when it comes down to it, he’s too old (or too whatever) and he’s clearly taking advantage of the situation, which makes things way less hot and way more scary.
  3. Kent McFuller –  Kent is Sam’s childhood friend who she stopped talking to ages ago.  He’s sweet, awkward, and nerdy, which makes for the best first kisses.  She actually has chemistry with him, so that makes things a lot hotter, too.  He’s the boy that you didn’t notice–until you did, and you realized that he is adorbs.  When you finally kiss him, it’s like you’re falling off the side of the planet.

At one point in the book, my mind wandered off and started reliving my first kiss with the ol’ Hubster.  As far as first kisses goes, it was pretty great.  We went on a date (our second, I believe) and ended up going to Best Buy to get The Exorcist III, then we went back to his place to watch it.  I was leaning against him on his futon (this was a long time ago, we’ve since gotten rid of that awful, uncomfortable thing after using it as a couch for far too long) while we watched.  I’m pretty sure I’d gotten off work a little earlier and was exhausted, so I leaned all the way back with my eyes closed.  That’s when he kissed me.  I wasn’t even expecting it, though the room was definitely brimming with delicious romantic tension.  When I asked him about it today, he said that what he remembered from that kiss was just thinking, “Am I going to kiss her?  Can I kiss her?  Should I kiss her?  Do I have the guts?  Am I going to kiss her?” on repeat.  Boys are so cute.

So, in the name of YA romance–how about your first kisses?  Any good ones?  Bad ones?

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