It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Holidays.  Le sigh.  I’m a enormous fan of holiday decor.  That’s one of the reasons that this time of year is embedded into my heart.  I genuinely don’t understand people that prefer any months that don’t fall between October and December.

Halloween. Pumpkin patches, chintzy spider webs, goofy grinning pumpkins.  Dressing up, watching creepy movies, reading creepy books.  As Martha Stewart would say, those are “good things.”  Yeah, I’m cheesy.  Get over it.



Thanksgiving. OK, so you get a free pass to gorge yourself on warm, comforting foods.  That’s not the only reason I love this holiday.  I also have a fondness for being decidedly grateful.  I try to be grateful on a regular basis, but sometimes things slip by.  It’s nice to have a holiday that reminds everyone to take stock of all the positives and show appreciation.  PLUS:  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, anyone??  Dutch??



From a Christmas market I visted in Germany. Germans get AMPED about Christmas.

Christmas. To me, the two previous holidays are like the narrative build-up, and Christmas is the climax.  It’s when I can really let my holiday decorations go OVERBOARD.  And I do.  Oddly, up until my husband and I got married, I had never had a real tree.  Growing up, we had a 4-foot Charlie Brown tree, then later, a larger one with it’s own light display.  My parents said real trees were too messy.  Well, they were right, but who cares when it makes your entire house smell heavenly?  Not me.  Ever since I learned the magic of having a real tree, I can not do without.  As far as movies and books go, I’m sure everyone has their own traditions.  A few of my favorites:  Love Actually, A Christmas Story, Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Scrooged.

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