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This week, YA Highway asks:  What non-YA character would you love to see star in a YA book as themselves?

Way to make me take a good, hard look at myself, YA Highway.  I’m embarrassingly bereft of favorite adult characters.  In books, on TV, or in movies.  Yikes.  Someone needs to grow up–that someone being me.

Anyway, the only thing that sprang to mind was Dexter.  I haven’t read the books, so maybe they delve into the teen years a bit, but I would LOVE to see young Dex take front and center in a YA series.  We’d get a chance to see him develop his methodology alongside Harry, and we’d also get to see Dex and Deb begin to bond and have the various, inevitable sibling squabbles.  Not to mention, having Dexter balance high school politics with his budding serial killing career–such a delectably disturbing juxtaposition.  And, judging by the sexiness that is Michael C. Hall, young Dexter would probably also be quite the lady-killer.  Yeah, I went there.

But I’m also totally interested in the psychological progression that Dexter took from witnessing his mother’s murder to mild-mannered serial killer.  What were his speed-bumps along the way?  How, exactly, did he react as Harry coached him during various murders?  Was he always devoid of emotion like he is at the start of season one, or did he manage to screw up a bunch of relationships (friendly and otherwise) during his high school days?  I have so many questions that the series would never (and should never) answer, but a YA series could deal with easily.

Now, I’m literally about to go watch some episodes from season five to psyche myself up for season six!

Are there any non-YA characters you would love to see as a teen?

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