This Post is Lame

Herein, I will make you wish  you didn’t bother with this post.  If you did, in fact, bother with this post.  It’s really just an excuse to post a hilariously awesome picture.  [See right]

But!  Plus!  I have non-exciting THINGS to SAY!

Number one!  I finished my excruciating second round of revisions for AWAY FROM ME.  I’ve sent it off to a few of my favorite peeps, mainly so they can come back and say, “Aw, look how cute!  You thought you wrote a story!”  Nonetheless, I’m eager to see what they think.  No one has read the story all the way through yet (except me), so I can’t even guarantee that it makes sense.

Also!  I survived an earthquake.  When we moved to Seattle, I was petrified of being caught in an earthquake one day.  It never happened.  So, naturally, when we moved back to Virginia–that beacon of steady ground and I-95 back-ups–there was an earthquake.  Scared the bejesus out of me, but I was far enough away that nothing fell off shelves or anything.  The only things that were damaged were my psyche and sense of safety.

And finally!  My husband bought me a book that I forgot I wanted, and now I am so so excited to read it–Bonnie and Clyde:  The Lives Behind the Legend by Paul Schneider.  I’ve always been really interested in their story.  It’s so dramatic.  It doesn’t have a happy ending.  Apparently, when they met, Bonnie was just making hot chocolate in the kitchen and then Clyde swaggered in like the sexy, criminal he was.  Their eyes met, and then “Love Story” by Taylor Swift played softly in the background, somewhere off in the distance.  True story.

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